Top 5 latest mobile app development technology

Published October 15, 2021

Our lives literally revolve around mobile applications. From travelling, having food, to paying our bills etc., mobile applications are always at our service. You can find any kind of app on the Android play store or apple play store. While it may look easy to create an app, there are a plethora of factors that an app developer has to keep in mind. One of the major factors being the perfect technology for mobile app development. We have put together a few of the most used technologies that are the top preferences of app developers across the globe.


Python needs no introduction. It is one of the most widely used programming languages across the globe. App developers choose Python for creating various kinds of mobile applications. It is an open-source, dynamic, and highly object-oriented programming language that is easy to understand as well. It is such a powerful yet simple language that even a beginner can use it to build mobile applications. Python has several features to offer which includes community support, GUI programming support, different frameworks, etc. to make sure everything is carried out smoothly and results in quick development. Python offers intact app development as it includes inbuilt debuggers. Mobile applications such as Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. are the results of Python app development.


It is a general-purpose programming language. This programming language was created by Apple in 2014 and is used for macOS, tvOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and Linux. Swift works in combination with Cocoa Touch Frameworks and Cocoa and C and Objective C codes that are created only for the development of Apple applications. It is an open-source programming language that has acquired plenty of tools from third parties. It follows a safe programming pattern and helps in the faster development of iOS applications along with exceptional characteristics. According to Apple, Swift is faster than Python. Mobile applications such as Lyft, Linked In, Hipmunk, etc. are developed using Swift as their programming language.


Everyone already knows about Java since it is one of the most famous programming languages. It is easy to handle and an object-oriented programming language. Given its features, Java is considered the official language for the development of android applications. It is easily one of the most preferred programming languages used by top app development companies in USA. It offers so many features such as plenty of open source libraries, community support, and perfect documentation which makes it easier for the developers to build different kinds of applications without any hassle. Some of the examples of mobile applications that are developed using Java are VLC media player, Telegram, SeaWeather etc.

R programming

This programming language is appropriate for data analysis as well as machine learning. In addition to that, you can also use R programming for computer graphics and general statistics. It is a platform-independent programming language that includes a huge amount of inbuilt frameworks as well as libraries. Due to these libraries and frameworks, it supports flawless, easy to make, and hassle-free development of mobile applications. With R programming, app developers can also create advanced and powerful algorithms related to machine learning that will be helpful for them for further training.


Kotlin is a programming language that is used for creating advanced levels of mobile applications. It is a statistically typed, cross-platform, as well as general-purpose programming language. Kotlin can be considered as the advanced version of Java. It works together with Java and was even designed for Java Virtual Machine or JVM only. The fact that Kotlin is completely safe to use provides the developer with the needed clarity and has huge tool support makes it a favourite of developers for building mobile applications. Some of the most famous mobile applications created using Kotlin as their programming language are Coursera, Trello, Evernote, and others.


Obviously, there are various other programming languages available that can be used to create mobile applications but these five languages are the favourites of application developers. These languages provide clarity, safety, third party tools, etc. which makes them build some of the finest mobile apps quickly and effortlessly. These simple yet powerful languages can be used by anyone to develop mobile applications.