How to select the best fit developer

Published November 25, 2021

Irrespective of the business you are in the aim is to attract customers, gain traction and expand the business. The best way to do that is to make the business’ presence felt online. For this, you would need an app and for that, you would require a well-trained app developer. But finding the best developer and selecting the best fit developer in a city like New York, Washington DC, Austin, Texas, San Francisco is a bit challenging.

If you are thinking about why should you need a good developer, maybe these figures would help you to understand. 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey revealed that around the world, approximately 2.3% of app developers are unemployed. The study took into account 65,000 developers globally. The figure indicates a shortage of available app development talent, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2028, the demand for developers will be up by 21%.

With this talent shortage in a mobile app development company in the United States, how can you warrant selecting the best fit developer for your next mobile app? We will look into a few tips on selecting the best fit developer from the mobile app development company in the USA.

Ways To Select The Best Developer from Mobile App Development Company In the USA 

One of the critical problems in hiring the best mobile app developer is finding a skilled coder in the market. Often the talented ones are either already too busy and are grabbed by the highest bidder.

However, finding the best fit mobile app developer or a company in Silicon Valley is anything but easy. But we can help you with the process.

Steps For Hiring

As a non-technical human resource manager, you can hire the best fit mobile app developer by following these steps:

1. What You Want To Achieve With The App: Decide on the kind of app you want to develop and what you intend to achieve with it. The best way to go about it is to know the market and the apps that are in demand while how they are faring in the industry.

2. Start The Search: If you are creating an app for the USA, then look for the best fit mobile app developer in New York, Washington DC, Austin, Texas, San Francisco or a nearby country. You can start your search on websites like LinkedIn and other platforms where you will get a brief knowledge about the candidate. You can also advertise the position like ‘looking for a mobile app developer in New York, Washington DC, Austin, Texas, San Francisco.

3. Structuring the hiring: The recruitment process needs to be properly structured so that you will hire a developer who will fit your business goals with the app development. It can be done by asking the right questions. Like:

  • What are the projects they have worked on?
  • How many projects are they handling now?
  • Is the candidate purely a developer, a manager, or both?
  • How long will they need to finish the project?

4. Involve the team: A mobile app developer needs to work with other team members to complete the project. You must involve other team members like Research analysts. Product manager, UI/UX designers when hiring. In case, you do not have a team and the developer has to work by themselves, involve a third-party hiring company that will ensure the mobile app developer is the right and knowledgeable person for the job.

Final Words

It is a competitive market and finding the right and best fit developer is a challenge. But, moving ahead step-by-step will help you find the best fit developer. To avoid the headache of hiring a developer you can simply choose a team of professionals i.e. Virinchi Software, a mobile app development company. Within a short span of time Virinchi’s experts understand your requirements and complete the task within the dedicated timeline. So, always bear in mind finding the right developer can change how you do your business for the better.