Healthcare app development? A technological boon!

Published February 27, 2023

Technology-driven innovation holds the potential to improve our understanding of patients, enable the delivery of more convenient, individualized care and create $350 billion–$410 billion in annual value by 2025- McKinsey. Today, a vast market of HealthTech companies constantly work on improving healthcare and providing high-end quality solutions through healthcare app development softwares. HealthTech companies are primarily creating and developing healthcare softwares to aid and benefit its numerous users, both patients, and consultants, in connecting, referring, managing, and monitoring their health-related concerns. It could be a specific medical issue, hospital visits, or even checking their insurance claims through their mobile phones through live video consultation, viewing lab results, purchasing pharmaceutical drugs, or simply scheduling a doctor’s appointment. For administrators, in HealthTech, it presents itself as a huge data set that can be used to derive and asses actionable insights and view key metrics employed.

Developing a healthcare app

For social workers and entrepreneurs employed in Health tech domain, considering the positive societal impact they wish to create, a healthcare app should be centrally designed around a few parameters and under specific regulations and pre-requisite conditions. Here are some vital critical points for you to bear in mind while developing a healthcare application.

1. Be clear on which desired mobile platform you want to develop the healthcare application on and pay specific attention to its simple yet effective design.

2. Most importantly, know your target audience.

3. Choose a financial strategy to work upon/ MVP.

4. Realize the quintessential data security demands.

5. Select basic and advanced app features

6. Choose a Healthcare App Tech Stack 

7. Lastly, check your app for any bugs.

Basically, the process of a healthcare mobile app development is the development of a mobile app whose main focus is improving health and wellness. In the year 2022, Lia Infraservices was leading in the race of healthcare app development companies. I see that was possible only because they had developed the healthcare app primarily focussing on the needs of the patients approaching the strategy of being patient-centered. Subsequently, they also took care of the significant importance of experience while handling the app, targeting their convenience, reachability, and optimal performance. In addition, the healthcare app took consultations from reputed practitioners worldwide who are specialists in their branch. While they remotely monitored critical patients’ health conditions, it was reassuring for them to connect with their docs through virtual meet sessions. Moreover, the app letting the patient share the prescription with their pharmacists and other medical practitioners, made mapping their medical history a lot more convenient. Interestingly, their provision of ambulance access or finding a drug store nearby based on GPS location is quite the icing on the cake. For the apps to run smoothly, Healthcare software development is an integrated process of making a custom medical app for better patient care and improved internal processes efficiency through several tools like billing, payments, appointment scheduling, patient engagement, and data management.

We at Virinchi, through integrating technology like AI, IoT and ML into the domain of Healthcare, centrally aim to better society and make it more convenient for medical practitioners to manage and improve their day-to-day work with more efficiency and ease. Our primary aim is to furnish customized solutions for the healthcare industry depending on the diverse needs of those involved, benefitting both the practitioner and the patient. 

For this to be true, we are constantly evolving and building efficient healthcare applications and healthcare software solutions to accredit diagnostics with greater accuracy and speed to connect doctors and patients anywhere, anytime, via online consultancy.

Through our efforts to digitize healthcare, and support HealthTech companies we have successfully developed Heartbeat monitoring, Facial recognition software, and other computing tools to develop software, website, and mobile healthcare applications that help ease the flow and save time. By assisting VPS Healthcare and its branches like Burjeel in UAE to docOPD and Prakey in India, we aim to facilitate and upscale technology-driven healthcare in the South Asian region.

Lastly, with constant evolution and modernization touching every aspect of human lives, there has been a refreshing change in the domain of healthcare positively, and the HealthTech companies are only elevating it further for the betterment of society and, lastly, the entire world.