Flutter! A one-stop solution for building interactive applications

Published February 27, 2023

Google has yet furnished us with yet another boon, Flutter, which lets the developers build and design multi-platform apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux using a single code base, reducing time-to-market and, of course, the app development costs. With the aid of Flutter you can build and deploy visually attractive, natively-compiled applications, bettering the outputs by increasing proficiency and deriving fresh insights.

What is Flutter ?

Flutter is based on Dart, a programming language focused on front-end development, to create mobile and web applications. Moreover, it also allows you the freedom to customize its widgets drawn from its high-performance rendering engine. Flutter is more dynamic and much faster, which helps the teams add several features and will enable them to experiment with new ideas instantly. Besides this, Flutter uses the Skia Graphics Library, responsible for its smooth and efficient functioning, making it user-friendly. Flutter can provide you with a portable, high-quality, and good user experience to any browser. Over the years, with constant improvements, today, Flutter app development has become a go-to choice for creating excellent and interactive UI for many users.

Why choose flutter ?

Suppose your company does not have its backend and does not depend on native API functions, and you want to provide your app’s users with a similar experience on Android and iOS. In that case, Flutter app development will help you achieve it.

Apart from this, if as investors you care about having a great look and feel for your app and are impatient for a quick release, Flutter can be beneficial for implementing several mobile projects.

For investors, Flutter answers all their questions if they need to build a Minimum Viable Product for their application in a short time. Given you have the same application on all your platforms, your Quality Assurance process will be much faster as your QA specialists will not have to check both apps on each form by hand.

In addition, Flutter supports multiple web apps and provides a similar experience on both the web and mobile by combining DOM, Canvas, and WebAssembly.

A promising factor that will undeniably aid the growth of Flutter app development is the increasing trend in the essentiality of widgets in mobile app development. As the mobile app development industries continue to grow, the role of gadgets will critically become more prominent centrally, making Flutter an ideal choice for project managers and business developers looking to create an innovative apps.

Flutter Forward, the annual conference for Flutter developers, has just set in motion the development of Flutter 3.7 and Dart 2.19 for the upcoming years, which will bring new, improved features and improvements to the framework, making it easier for developers to build high-performance, visually appealing mobile applications.

Also, new widgets like CupertinoListSection and SilverAnimatedGrid are added, providing us with more options and flexibility when building UI. 

Why choose Virinchi Software ?

Flutter is flattering for everyone as the single source code management simplifies project management, allowing users to add features faster and removing the problem of maintaining two teams. During development planning, our team at Virinchi software checks the pros and cons to properly match the solution to the client’s business and goals aligned with flutter app development.

We also develop smooth and guided flutter mobile applications with our skilled developers, who build highly scalable mobile applications for Indian and overseas clients with excellent efficiency. Moving on, our highly ambitious and talented flutter app developers have a minimum average of four years of application development experience and, up till now, have delivered around twenty-eight projects. Our diligent Flutter development team provides services by developing various mobile applications, including Wearable Tech, IOT, Administrative Apps, and even Games. Apart from having the expertise to handle large complex solution design and software development, we vehemently believe in valuing you as our long-term customer, even if you just entered the domain of business, as we all start from scratch.

At Virinchi Software, we are sure that Flutter’s focus on cross-platform development, custom user interfaces, and its massive potential for IoT app development is well-positioned to meet the demands of the mobile app development industry and we will help you realize its true potential.